Natural Flavor Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with Terpenes

Our full spectrum CBD oil is made from whole hemp plants grown on our small farm right in south central Wisconsin. Beneficial terpenes naturally come with the extraction process. We use organic MCT Oil as our carrier oil.

  • 2000mg CBD
  • 1 fl oz (30mL)
  • No GMOs
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Pesticides
  • 5% of profits donated to VFW9511

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CBD Oil Extracted From Terpene-Rich Whole Hemp Plants

That’s right – planted, grown, harvested & extracted right here in Mount Horeb, WI. We use the whole hemp plant in our extraction process so that our CBD oil will contain minor cannabinoids like CBG & CBC as well as beneficial plant terpenes.

Hemp grown in fertile Wisconsin soil

Our loamy south central Wisconsin soil is rich in nutrients thanks to a Land Use Plan intended to protect our local agriculture. This makes our location particularly well suited for growing high-quality, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. Our farm is held to high USDA standards by MOSA, an independent private agency. https://mosaorganic.org/ Steps like growing, harvesting, drying, storing, transporting, and processing are all Certified Organic.

Quality control leads to a better end product!

That’s why choose to grown our own hemp as well as extract it and produce the end products ourselves. It gives us complete control over the quality of our product from seed to seedling to plant to harvest to extraction!

Our hemp oil has 2000mg CBD

This particular extraction is formulated to have 2000 total milligrams of cannabidiol, while it also has trace amounts of other cannabinoids like THC, CBG, and CBC. Along with several cannabinoids, our full spectrum oil contains terpenes as well, which are amino acid chains that gives plants their flavor & aroma.

Full spectrum oils offer more benefits

Recent research suggests that terpenes may also be linked to beneficial therapeutic effects. This is why we feel it’s very important to use a full spectrum CBD oil rather than a CBD isolate.

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