CBD Pre-Roll

Hand made from our “terpiest” variety.

  • Ten 1 gram Pre-Rolls
  •  UDSA Certified Organic Hemp Flower
  •  7.89% Total Cannabinoids
  •  0.27% THC
  • No Pesticides
  • 5% of Profits Donated to The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9511

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Ten Pack CBD Pre-Rolls from our 2020 Terpene-Rich Early Pearly Strain

Grown, harvested, dried, cured and pre-rolled into joints ready to smoke.   Our CBD hemp pre-rolls are filled with our raw USDA Certified Organic hemp flower. We use cones that are manufactured using pure rice paper that burn extra clean, evenly and slow. Early Pearly has a fruity citrus aroma, with earthy cherry undertones.  This strain is loaded with terpenes for a truly smooth smoke.  Perfect to use anytime. Our farm is held to high USDA standards by MOSA, an independent private agency. https://mosaorganic.org/ Steps like growing, harvesting, drying, storing, transporting, and processing are all Certified Organic.

High-Quality Personal Pack of Hemp Pre-Rolls

Your pre-rolls come in a labeled crush proof plastic box.  The Pinch N Flip provides premium protection for your pre rolls. It’s a very durable thick container, which keeps the contents from being crushed. The Pinch N Flip is made with 100% recyclable plastic.  The box uses a unique child resistant locking mechanism. It’s easy to open for adults, but hard for children. Keep your contents secure with this long-lasting pre roll packaging solution.  This USA made case keeps contents fresh and safe.


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Weight 1.192 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 1 × 3.5 in