By Robert Chappell, Madison365

Even though she spent the first eight years of her life on her grandfather’s farm in Costa Rica, Kattia Jimenez calls herself a “city girl.”

She and her mother moved to Seattle when she was young.

“I grew up in Seattle, and unfortunately, I never thought much about (agriculture),” she says. “I never thought much about where my food came from or what a farmer’s life was like or anything like that when I was in the city. It was just like, ‘Oh, I’m going to eat this piece of beef or I’m going to have some veggies.’ I don’t know. Which is actually kind of sad because Washington state itself has a large agriculture community.”

It might be surprising, then, that she now lives with husband John Eichorst in a 600-square-foot house on 14 acres on a winding road in the Town of Perry, about seven miles south of Mount Horeb in western Dane County, where she and Eichorst just last week harvested and dried two and a half acres worth of hemp.

Jimenez spent many years traveling the country working on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s health census, spending weeks at a time in communities across the United States. It was during one of these sojourns in 2005 that she visited Mt. Horeb, 15 miles west of Madison, to visit a friend and met Eichorst, a third-generation master electrician and owner of E&S Electric, the company his grandfather started in the 1950s. Read more …